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Q. Why should I consider using your services?
A. First and foremost, we will negotiate the lowest price possible... anywhere... for the vehicle you desire equipped the way you want it. Lower than buying services, other brokers and Internet services. All you do is relax and enjoy. No dealer contact, no haggling over price, no waste of your valuable time. In the unlikely event you find a better price, our fee is cheerfully refunded upon proof of purchase at a lower price*. Not only do we have extensive dealer resources, but since we arrange hundreds of sales annually with these dealers, obviously better pricing is available to us than to individuals.
      Once we provide you with a quote and the offer is accepted by you, we arrange delivery to our office or your home or office. No trips to the dealership, sometimes taking hours to take posession while enduring more high pressure sales pitches to buy after-market products and accessories you don't want.
      Unlike lease and finance contracts at the dealerships, we do not allow markup of financing or leases on vehicles arranged through us.

*Please read our warranty of services for details.

Q. Why should I pay a fee when some other brokers and services charge none?
A. There's an old saying - "You get what you pay for". And believe us when we say nothing is free. We simply work much harder for our clients, making extensive contacts with our hugh dealer network. We want to be certain we have found the lowest price for you. Unlike many other services, we have no contractual alliances. We are completely independent in our search for the best price. This work is time consuming and expensive but it pays off... for you! How could you ever find the time or learn the resources to do all this yourself. And other services simply don't put forth as much effort on behalf of their clients. One thing is certain - we will save you many times over the fee you pay.

Q. How long will it take for you to quote me a price on my new vehicle?
A. For most vehicles, no more than 2 or 3 days, often sooner. All we ask is enough time to do a thorough job for you.

Q. How long will I have to wait for my new vehicle?
A. Once you have accepted the offer we've arranged, your vehicle usually will be delivered within 2 days at the most.

Q. Do I have to come to your office to make arrangements?
A. No. All information and forms are available on this Web site. Or if you prefer, we will gladly mail or FAX them to you. Arrangements may be made by phone, FAX, mail or E-mail.

Q. Where do I pick up my new vehicle?
A. We arrange FREE delivery to our office or to your home or office. In some cases, for convenience sake, a client may choose to take posession at the dealership.

Q. What happens if the vehicle delivered to me is not the vehicle I wanted?
A. We will never accept any vehicle, nor are you responsible for any vehicle that is not in accord with your specified order or any alternative vehicle upon which we may have agreed.

Q. What happens if you can't find the car I want?
A. In accordance with our warranty of services we retain a minimum fee of $35 for a locate requested by a client, whether or not the vehicle exists. However, if you locate a vehicle we were unable to find, your complete fee will be refunded.

Q. What happens if there is something wrong with my vehicle?
A. We will not accept damaged products on your behalf. For minor issues or flaws, the vehicle manufacturer provides the warranty which must be honored by any dealership selling the make you acquired. Thus, your warranty will be honored and service work performed by the dealership of your choice which sells the make of vehicle you acquired.

Q. If I acquire my vehicle through ABCS, who provides the warranty and service?
A. ABCS acts as your agent in acquiring your vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer provides the warranty which must be honored by any dealership selling the make you acquired. Thus, your warranty will be honored and service work performed by the dealership of your choice which sells the make of vehicle you acquired.

Q. I live in another state, can I acquire a vehicle through ABCS?
A. Yes! We have extensive connections with all of the highly competitive wholesale and true fleet dealerships throughout California and in metropolitan areas across the nation. So no matter where you reside, we can find the exact vehicle you want with the features you want at a price that will please you.

Q. Can I finance or lease my new vehicle through ABCS?
A. Yes! Our background in finance and leasing provides our clients the unique benefit of receiving prudent advice regarding the best method of acquiring your new vehicle and the lending resources necessary to arrange first rate financing or leasing.

Q. Can I trade in my old vehicle through ABCS?
A. Yes! We offer a service utilizing professional appraisers who contact our clients to discuss and/or visually inspect the vehicle. These appraisers, hand selected based on integrity and financial stability, have tremendous resources and contacts enabling them to offer the best possible cash price for your trade-in vehicle. Currently, this service is available only in Southern California. In other areas, dealer resources will be used.

Q. What if I want an extended warranty, LoJack, alarm system or other protection packages?
A. ABCS offers several valuable and popular products designed to enhance your ownership experience for a fraction of the price dealerships charge. For added convenience, they can all be included in the purchase price and financing of the vehicle.
  • LoJack Theft Recovery System (for $100 less than anywhere else)
  • KARR Security Systems
  • Perma Plate Interior/Exterior Protection Package
  • Extended warranties from premium providers
Q. How is ABCS different from other auto buying services?
A. We differ from organizations such as Autoland, New Cars Inc, or other Credit Union buying services:
  • These organizations primarily serve credit union members.
  • ABCS services are universally available and our prices are often many hundreds of dollars less.
  • ABCS' refund policy guarantees our lowest-price and locating services, others do not, and if they charge no fee, perhaps it is because their pricing is too high and without a guarantee, they have nothing to lose.
  • Our prices on options such as extended warranties, protection packages and alarm systems cost much less.
  • ABCS is far more convenient and requires no personal appointment... and there's never any pressure to buy.
A. We differ from organizations such as Costco and AAA:
  • These programs simply provide referrals to designated personnel at participating dealerships. You must go to the participating dealer where you will receive a pre-determined price quote based on pricing established at the beginning of each model year.
  • Such pricing isolates the buyer from hidden rebates and/or factory to dealer pricing incentives ( not to be confused with customer rebates) which often occur from time to time throughout the year.
  • Many highly desirable or hard to find models are excluded from these programs.
  • Such buying services may cost clients hundreds, even thousands more than ABCS pricing which is based on thorough market research and analysis.
A. We differ from Internet services such as Autobytel,,, etc:
  • These programs are nothing more than cooperative advertising and sales promotions sponsored by dealerships paying for Internet advertising exposure and guaranteed referrals to inquiring consumers in their proximity.
  • The designated contact person will make a quote and attempt to sell you the car just like any other car salesman. You must visit the dealership to consummate the transaction.
  • The few Internet Services that provide direct sales (not dealer referrals) have been largely unsuccessful and, after many failures or mergers, there are few left.
  • Last, but not least, our prices are not only lower, but these direct Internet Services add delivery fees, service charges and other various mark-ups to their quoted price once you agree to buy through them.
Q. Can you provide references?
A. Yes! We will glady provide references upon request.

Our services are designed for serious buyers who desire the very best prices and service available anywhere. Our commitment to each and every client is to do everything possible to make this your most economical and enjoyable new vehicle acquisition ever!

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